Kentucky Snake Slayers
About Us

HI! I'm Robert founder of Kentucky Snake Slayers. This is how we got started, my brother-n-law has been hunting snakes for years. Myself last year (2013) started going with him and really liked it. I came up with the idea of starting a team and creating a Facebook page on what we were doing. We came up with the name Kentucky Snake Slayers. There are four members. Myself (Robert) which is the founder, my brother-n-law (Robbie) which is the "LEGEND", Robbie's uncle (Paul), and My Wife (Chelsea) which she is going to be a member due to her killing the big rattlesnake with her car on our home page, so we think she will become a member with her being as excited as she was. "LOL". We kill snakes (Only piousness ones) due to our kids playing outside and for sport. Also rattlesnake is some good eating! This year we are going to try something new, which consist of us saving the hides and making belts and wallets. When we get enough stock up they will be for sell!  

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